[MF] Full 457 nude photos of Taiwanese model Nico Lai Ying Yu

Lai Yingyu (赖滢羽) is a Taiwanese model and artist born January 6,1989 in Taipei. Lai Ying Yu, under the name Nico, was a former member of the band Blackie Girls 黑涩会美眉. In September 2012 as many as 457 obscene nude photos of her were leaked online, which are said to be taken when she was only 17 years old before she gained fame.

It was reported in 2006 that Lai Ying Yu was a popular human body art model of the Taiwan Photography Union. Since she desperately needed money at the time, Ying Yu took some sexy photo shoots wearing only bikini without her parents’ awareness. In a later interview, Ying Yu said that she only filmed the revealing photo shoots on two occasions, but feeling nauseating to be nude before the photographer, Ying Yu refused to take additional nude photos.

Profile of Lai Ying Yu 赖滢羽

  • English name:Nico
  • Chinese name: 赖滢羽 Lai Yingyu
  • Original name: 赖思澐 Lai Si Yun
  • Nickname: 武媚娘 Wu Mei Niang
  • Birthday: January 6,1989
  • Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Nationality: Taiwan Han Chinese
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Three dimensions: 32C、24、32 inches
  • Star signs: Capricorn
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: Graduated from Zhuangjing Professional High School
  • Interest: Dancing, singing
  • Occupation: Taiwanese model, artist

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p4ftfr353l6al18
Password: www.newsteptech.com

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