Try TeslaThemes Affiliate Program for Passive Income

I am going to share an TeslaThemes Affiliate program that brought an opportunity for you to make over $500/month , it’s all depends on your work.


You should go with one such program the enough number of affiliate marketers is already following. TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is one of those superb choices you can go with. It’s an affiliates’ friendly program that helps in making money in the shorter span of time.

TeslaThemes affiliate programs favor you in making money with fewer efforts. It’s following features support achieving high conversion rate:

  1. Get flat 50% commission on each sale.
  2. Get 15% commission from the sales made by your referred users.
  3. Cookies avail for 90 days
  4. Well equipped affiliate dashboard to smooth track down affiliate stats and payout.
  5. You get customizable banners and links to promote Tesla themes.
  6. No unwanted payment threshold. You may receive payment directly into your PayPal account even if you have only $1 into your account. I like this feature very much.
  7. No need to have two separate Signups. You can use one account for both accessing themes and affiliate.
  8. You can track down Keyword performance on two different

If one TeslaThemes costs a buyer $48, you get 50% commission on each sale, which equals to $24 in this case. Suppose, you make 5 sales in a week. Thus, you made $24*5= $96 which itself a good amount.

Join Tesla Affiliate Program

Please follow these steps –

  1. Go to this link and hit “Become a member”.
  2. If you already have an account here, fill the credentials, otherwise click on “Signup here”.
  3. Fill all the essential details like email address, username, password, select country, verify captcha and finally click on SIGN UP.

Congrats! Now you are a member of most prominent and trusted affiliate program.

  1. Now login to your TeslaThemes account and access the dashboard.

Terms & Conditions of TeslaThems:

A good affiliate program must have some strict policy against scammers and cheaters. TeslaThemes also have some Terms of the service

  • Having a Paypal Account is necessary to receive your commission amount i.e. payment
  • You will not Get Commission from own purchases.
  • You are not allowed to use PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) to promote the product with your Affiliate Link.
  • They will pay you for sales commission, not for per click basis.
  • You’re allowed to create website/blog to promote TeslaThemes product but make sure you’re not including Tesla Themes Brand name in domain name or PPC keywords

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